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America's Oil

AMSOIL Premier Direct Jobber

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Welcome to Phillips Enterprises - America's Oil

We maintain a large stock of AMSOIL products!!!

Since the introduction of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil in 1972, AMSOIL has gone on to develop the most complete line of synthetic lubricants and automotive products in the world. The history of AMSOIL product innovations is a checklist of industry firsts. AMSOIL "firsts" in motor oil, two-cycle oil, gear lube, grease, air filter and oil filter technology are proof-positive of the AMSOIL commitment to innovation.

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AMSOIL formulates a wide selection of synthetic lubricating oils for all types of engine and gear applications, including those for specialized vehicles and severe operating conditions. In addition, AMSOIL has developed sophisticated fuel additives, filtration systems and other companion products that supplement and extend lubricant performance. All are distributed through a worldwide network of independent dealers. This complete line of quality products is recognized by countless private motorists, fleet managers and industrial administrators as the best and most cost-effective choice for increasing engine performance, reducing maintenance and prolonging vehicle and equipment life...making history with synthetics. Some of the 100% synthetic products include motor oils, motorcycle oils, transmission fluids, brake fluids, gear lubes, greases, hydraulic fluids, two-cycle oils, nano-fiber oil filters, nano-fiber air filters, fuel conditioners and deicers, and marine oils.

New AMSOIL Product Releases

The Pinnacle of Performance
The new Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil formulation builds upon its rock-solid foundation to offer enthusiasts a new level of engine protection.

• 75 percent more wear protection1
• 100 percent protection from LSPI2
• Trusted by professional engine builders
• Ideal for turbos & direct injection
• 50 percent more cleaning power3
• Guaranteed protection for up to 25,000 miles or 1 year (in normal service)
1Based on independent testing in the ASTM D6891 test using 0W-20 as worst-case representation.
2Based on independent testing in the LSPI engine test as required for the GM dexos1® Gen 2 specification.
3vs. AMSOIL OE Motor Oil
Signature Series

Download the latest AMSOIL Retail Catalog as a PDF file.

Retail Catalog

Synthetic Air Tool Oil

Synthetic Air Tool Oil
Outstanding Air Tool Protection and Performance
AMSOIL Synthetic Air Tool Oil (AIR) effectively lubricates rotary and piston-type air tool bearings and motors, while managing moisture and conditioning rubber and plastic seals and O-rings. It ensures air tools run smooth, reduces wear and helps tools last for years, even generations.view more

Synthetic Air Tool Oil

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